Acting Resume


Ensemble member in The Mermaid’s Legs. 2014. Photo by Schecter Lee.


GodspellJudasWingspan Arts, NYC
Romeo and JulietMercutio, Friar Laurence, ApothecaryWingspan Arts, NYC
Annie Jr.Daddy WarbucksWingspan Arts, NYC
The WizLionWingspan Arts, NYC
Shrek the MusicalEnsembleWingspan Arts, NYC
The Secret GardenDickonDifferent Directions, NYC
Comedy of ErrorsDromio of EphesusDifferent Directions, NYC
Alice in WonderlandWhite Knight, Gryphon, Frog FootmanDifferent Directions, NYC
Oliver!FaginHomeschool Stage, NYC
Yeast NationJan-the-WiseAyun Halliday & Ben Watts
The Mermaid's LegsEnsembleAyun Halliday
Treasure IslandBilly Bones, Ben GunnFirebird Youth Theater
Down the Chocolate River and BeyondMr. SaltFirebird Youth Theater
ExpressoRobert KukFirebird Youth Theater


DreamsMexican BanditNYU Student Film, NYC
Eyes & HandsLawrenceNYU Student Film, NYC
School SkitsTeacher, PrincipalMovieMaster Studio / Student Film, NYC
BettyStrange KidStudent Film, NYC
LeafmanLeafmanKnightFilms, NYC


Acting for the CameraCamera Audition and Scenework BasicsWingspan Arts, NYC
Viewpoints and CompositionMovement Theater and CompositionWingspan Arts, NYC
Theater ImprovisationIntro to Short-form ImprovisationWingspan Arts, NYC
Vocal TrainingVocal Expression and Acting through SongWingspan Arts, NYC
Stage CombatBasic TechniquesWingspan Arts, NYC
Theater ImprovisationShort and Long-form Comedy Improv BasicsGreg Kotis, NYC
Showcase coachingMonologue and Song PreparationA Class Act NY/Jessica Rofé
T.V. WorkshopBasic TechniquesA Class Act NY/Jessica Rofé, Gayle Keller, Victoria Kress
Voice Over WorkshopBasic TechniquesA Class Act NY/Jessica Rofé, Barbara Coleman, Ryan Fagman

Special Skills: improvisation, pantomime, narration, singing, fluent in Russian.

Production Stills