Leo has been organizing and teaching classes for kids and tweens since he was ten years old. These have included filmmaking and creative writing workshops, as well as classes in improv and programming/animation.

Nest LogoFirebird NEST Playwriting Workshop & Festival
Firebird Nest is a playwriting workshop for young theater enthusiasts. Over the course of a semester, workshop participants will work on individual short plays, which will later be presented as staged readings in a performance festival starring the workshop participants. Participants will share their work weekly, receiving constructive feedback from both their peers and instructor.
Tweens Improv LogoTweens' Intro to Improv
In Tween's Intro to Improv, young performers train in the fundamentals of improv performance, use games and exercises to hone their skills, and practice together to form a balanced, cooperative team. Using techniques from several renowned schools of improv, participants learn how to create grounded scenes for comedy and for drama, make use of several important formats for long-form performance, and especially how to think on their feet.
Scratch LogoAnimation and Game Design in MIT Scratch
This class is an introduction to the many uses of MIT Scratch, helping kids learn the tools they'll need to create animated videos and computer games. Students learn how to program interactions between animated characters, bring their work to life with voiceover and sound effects, and build the foundation of their very own platformer game.
Worldcrafters LogoWorldcrafters Writing Workshops
Worldcrafters is a series of creative writing workshops for kids ages 9+. In every workshop the participants plot, write, and illustrate their very own book, which is then self-published and presented as a reading by the authors. Five separate workshops have been organized in this series, and all books produced by workshop participants are available for purchase online at
MovieMaster LogoMovieMaster Childrens' Film Studio
MovieMaster is a filmmaking workshop organized to produce original short films with a company of kids aged 8-11. The studio has so far produced two short films, which were entirely written, directed, and acted by kids. The second film produced by MovieMaster, “School Skits,” received the Clay Crow Award at RolikiFest Film Festival in Moscow.