MovieMaster Childrens’ Film Studio

MovieMaster is a filmmaking workshop organized to produce original short films with a company of kids aged 8-11. The workshop is led by avid filmmaker Leo Lion, who leads the kids in discussion of the film scripts and their characters, and helps them bring their vision to life. The studio has so far produced two short films, which were entirely written, directed, and acted by kids.

School Skits (2010)

School has never exactly been fun… until now!”
School Skits received the Clay Crow Award at the RolikiFest Kid Film Festival in Moscow, Russia. (May 2011)


 Silenphora – Quest for Vengeance (2010)

In the faraway land of Silenphora, the witches started a rebellion. The great King Peru has fallen, and only his son Thasius, teamed with a rag-tag team of heroes, can defeat the evil witches once and for all.”