Worldcrafters Writing Workshops

Worldcrafters is a series of creative writing workshops for kids ages 9 and up, led by Leo Lion. In every workshop the participants plot, write, and illustrate their very own book, which is then self-published and presented as a reading by the authors. Five separate workshops have been organized in this series, and all books produced by workshop participants are available for purchase online at

Worldcrafters books



Us, Them, and a Bunch of Magic (2010)

From battling fearsome dragons to brewing magical potions, anything is possible in the realm of fantasy. Together our heroes (and villains) will embark on an exciting journey to save (or destroy) the endangered kingdom. Danger lurks at every turn, disaster hides behind every corner. What will become of our courageous adventurers in this breathtaking tale? Which side will prevail?

The Us, Them, and a Bunch of Magic workshop produced the sci-fi book “Hidden Galaxy: Return of Zendor”.

Workshop Photos by Sharon Rynn

Journey Into Lands Unknown (2011)

Is there anything more inspiring than a crew of brave adventurers, journeying against all odds to complete their quest and reach their destination? Whether the crew is exploring an ancient perilous pyramid, a dastardly dry desert, or sailing the seven seas, their expedition will not be easy. Will they reach their destination? Will they manage to brave the odds and complete their quest?

The Journey into Lands Unknown workshop produced the pyramid adventure book Entombed”.

Workshop Photos by Fiona Rooney and Sharon Rynn

Lost Kingdom (2011)

There are things in the past that are shrouded in mystery. None of these secrets, perhaps, are as strange and mysterious as the disappearance of a kingdom. Whole cultures have vanished from the face of the earth, never to be found. But what if we did find them? What if we discovered a lost kingdom and were able to go back in time to when it was bustling with life and commotion? What if people of our modern time found a secret culture, forgotten by the oldest tomes, and saw it in its greatness? And what if we could help prevent it from ever being destroyed?

The Lost Kingdom workshop produced the futuristic time-travel adventure book “Escape from Cybrokryptia.

Workshop Photos by Sharon Rynn

Young Playwrights (2012)

The curtain rises… the lights dim… and the show begins. A little boy walks out onto the stage. “Hi everyone,” he says, “Due to technical difficulties, we don’t actually have a play to perform for you tonight. Would any kids in the audience want to volunteer to write a play?”

Worldcrafters is here with our Young Playwright Workshop, where kids can plot, write, and perform a play together over the course of seven weeks. Comedy, tragedy, and everything in between.

The Young Playwrights workshop produced the comedic mystery play, Detective Jake McBlake and the Case of the Eccentric Billionaire.

Workshop Photos by Sharon Rynn and Kory Fox

The full workshop performance is also available to view on Youtube!

Terror Tales and Spooky Stories (2012)

The creaky wooden door slams behind you all by itself as you walk slowly through the dusty hall. Cobwebs hang in every corner, and somewhere upstairs you think you might hear an organ playing. It seems not a soul is inside this house, it’s deadly quiet. Your flashlight shines across the face on a portrait, and you could’ve sworn that painting just blinked. The Worldcrafters Terror Tales and Spooky Stories Workshop approaches, as do the thrills and chills that will come with it. Over the course of six weeks, the participants will plot, write, and illustrate a blood-curling scary story that will shake you to the bottoms of your boots…

The Lost Kingdom workshop produced the horror adventure book “Terror Tales and Spooky Stories.