Writopia Worldwide Plays Festival – They Grow Up Fast

Leo’s play They Grow Up Fast was produced as part of Writopia Lab’s Worldwide Plays Festival on May 13th. The play was directed by Robert Gonyo of Co-Op Theatre East. Performances took place off-Broadway at the June Havoc Theater.

They Grow Up Fast is a cathartic one-act play about a woman’s struggle with time, motherhood, and responsibility. A deeply emotional play that throws linear time and storytelling to the wind as Anne loses herself in a life of constant stress and disorientation.


Five playwrights whose works were featured at the Worldwide Plays Festival on May 13th in the 8PM program.

This is Leo’s second play to be produced in the Worldwide Plays Festival. In 2014, his play Before Barnaby (No Tears) was also performed at the June Havoc Theater. Before Barnaby was directed by Edward Elefterion of Rabbit Hole Ensemble.