Leo has been organizing and teaching classes for kids and teens since 2010, with a heavy focus on youth-led learning and a dedication to taking the work of young artists seriously. Primarily a theater arts teacher, Leo has also run workshops in creative writing and programming/animation.

Photo by Gina Kropf

Photo by Gina Kropf

Firebird NEST Playwriting Workshop & Festival

Firebird NEST is a playwriting workshop for young theater enthusiasts. Over the course of a semester, workshop participants work on individual short plays, which will later be presented as staged readings in a performance festival.

Participants share their work weekly, receiving constructive feedback from both their peers and instructor. In the process, not only do they develop and revise their original work and see it performed, but they also learn to offer and receive constructive criticism in a supportive and friendly environment.

Through the workshop and festival process, participants have the opportunity to write original dramatic scripts, do table-reads of peer work, participate in rehearsals of their plays, and perform in the final festival readings of their fellow writers’ work.

Photo by Sofia Negron

Photo by Sofia Negron


Firebird’s improvisational classes continue with Improv: Foundations in Scenework. This class for advanced young improvisors is a continuation of Tween’s Intro to Improv, and will cover more advanced techniques of improvisation for building grounded scenes and telling engaging stories through improv. Through exercises to amass experience and discussion/dissection of important storytelling elements to help build their improv vocabulary, participants grow to a better understanding of the craft of improv, and develop their skills as spontaneous performers. The course will culminate in a full-length group improv performance by the students for friends and family.

Improv is a fun, cooperative activity that teaches team-building and quick problem solving, and is very useful for those theatrically inclined, or just seeking to come out of their shell.


  • MovieMaster Childrens' Film Studio - produced award-winning short-film School Skits (Clay Crow Award, Rolikifest Moscow)

  • Animation & Game Design in MIT Scratch

  • Worldcrafters Writing Workshops (5 Sessions) - produced 5 published books available on Worldcrafters Lulu.